CSO Sakavitskiya Sustrechy/March Meetings brought together 220 participants from 40 Belarusian locations. On March 4-5, in Minsk, activists participated in presentations, discussions, master-classes, Human Library, Fuck-Up Night to share their experience in working in local communities. The civil society forum is planned as an annual event.


1223In February-October 2016 “Office for European Expertise and Communications” was implementing the local initiative “Sport Region” in Mstislavl region in Mogilev area. The initiative was aimed at involving the local people in sport and motivating professionals and amateurs to train more. During these months coaches, physical education teachers and volunteers met the expert coaches and active athletes on practical and theoretical master classes. For all the participants of the initiative were held sports movie screenings, contests and competitions, meetings with famous sport stars and the large final marathon.


For the last three years, “Office for European Expertise and Communications” has been working in the regions and has been taking an active part in the development and support of local communities. During this time about 50 local leaders have participated in “Leadership in local communities” program and learned to identify the needs of local communities, to plan joint actions and to find the additional resources to solve problems in the community.

Working with the local leaders “Office for European Expertise and Communications” team observed that women are more involved in the identification of local issues, but but usually these issues are not solved by the local authorities.


“Empowered Women for Social Integration” project aims at tackling the issue of social integration of women through engaging them in entrepreneurship sphere, helping them obtain new skills and revealing their potentials in business management in the three EaP countries: Armenia, Belarus and Moldova. The project is empowering women (also women with disabilities) to bring change to the society thus having their contribution in developing of business environment in rural communities of the mentioned countries.



The finals of the 6th contest of social innovations named Social Weekend took place at the President Hotel on November 21, 2015 in Minsk. 12 social projects became Social Weekend finalists and received all necessary support. The contest winners will give a start to crisis psychology courses for surgeons-transplantologist, a free creative space (a terrace) in the very heart of Minsk, a special online training course for teachers and parents of children with autism. Furthermore now it will become easier to find a good mate for flat-sharing. (далее…)

The first session of the “Leadership in local communities” program was launched in October by OEEC. The participants from all over Belarus gathered together to find out what a local community is and how to assess its needs, and to communicate with experts and practitioners who are working in and with communities.

This year the “Leadership in local communities” program united 30 participants from 26 communities that seek to improve the life of their communities. Future community leaders plan to work in cities, towns, and villages all over Belarus: they’ll operate in six oblasts and in Minsk. During the program they plan to identify the problems of their communities and to solve them. The key challenge the leaders face in the program is how to mobilize local citizens and involve them into the development of local territories.


Participation in the program “Leadership in local communities” is a chance for active, initiative people to change their lives and lives of their communities to the best. (далее…)

The final stage of the contest of social projects «Social Weekend» took place on March, 21. The jury announced the results of the contest and awarded the participants. 16 initiatives directed on the improving the world around us made their way to the finish line. The finalists were chosen with the “public voting” in the social networks and with the help of the expert team.

The education institution “Office of European Expertise and Communications” joined the Social Weekend team this year as a co-sponsor of the contest. The main goal of such participation for Office is a possibility to support social projects and to develop connection between initiative groups. (далее…)

Over the last years the need of Belarusian towns and villages brand creation is being increasingly brought up. While the brand of Minsk is still at the stage of discussion, make-up of small communities’ brands is taking place right before our very eyes. It is referred to Bashni village and Hodosy villages (“agrogorodok”* ), where the participants of the program “Leadership in Local Communities” Marina Alekseenko and Aleksandr Semenov continue their active work in community development.

Bashni (Shumilinskij district, Vitsebsk region) promoted itself by taking part in the project “Bashni — willpower and strength of mind” that was applied for the 4th Belarusian social project contest “Social Weekend”. The project aimed at drawing the interest of children to sport activities and physical culture won the category “We build the world around us”. The funds for an idea implementation were granted by “RealtBy”.


Ivan Shchadranok, Director of Interakcia Foundation, and Svetlana Zinkevich, Director of the Office for European Expertise and Communications have presented this thesis at a conference on international technical cooperation. The event took place on December 12, in Minsk; representatives of several NGOs, ministries, regional executive committees, and organizations of the European Union attended it.

A great deal of economic and social changes in Belarus have become possible, thanks to international technical cooperation projects. They concern such realms as education, technological development, market reforms, and even boosting the country’s tourism potential. (далее…)