About us

Educational establishment «Office for European Expertise and Communications» started its work in December, 2011.  It was registered by Minsk city executive committee on December, 30th, 2011 with the registration number 191694433.

Our mission is to create and enhance opportunities for citizens and organisations to participate in positive changes in their lives, the lives of their communities, and Belarus as a part of Europe.

We work for the sake of a diverse and advanced civil society, which:

We believe that by developing necessary competencies people, organizations and communities will themselves be able to produce changes in their environment for the better. We are confident that innovations, exchange of experience and best practices, establishing relationships, contacts and partnerships both in Belarus and between Belarusian and European organizations can strengthen Belarusian civil society.

We believe that the Belarusian experience is as valuable as European, and mutual exchange of experience is beneficial both for Belarus and Europe. We are an organization based on positive approach and high standards of management and service provision; we implement programs for communities and organizations and for the sake of the development of civil society.

Svetlana Zinkevich, Director
Alesya Balchunas, Chief accountant
Marina Korzh, Program manager
Valeria Volkogonova, Project manager
Alesia Muharevskaya, Administrator
Alexandra Savinich, Information and communication specialist