The program “What do Belarusians think” that started in September, 2014, passed a long way of transformation and revision up to this moment. “What do Belarusians think” was created as a space for presenting results of expert researches and organizing proper discussion around them; however, based on the reflections regarding running public discussions several improvements and changes were introduced into the concept of “What do Belarusians think”. At this moment, the program intends to transmit valuable scientific data on “hot” social issues along with opinions of civic leaders or VIPs in various spheres on these topics that are meant to facilitate the communication in the society.

In 2015/2016 four discussions were held by the Office for European Expertise and Communication. The topics of urbanism and city planning (“Who is your city Minsk”), gender equality (“Gender equality: why is it profitable?”), Bologna process and reforms of high education (“Bologna process: what do Belarusian students thinks”) and reform of pension fund (“Pension reform”) were discussed among experts, researchers and general public interested in the issues.

More than 35 experts and speakers participated as opinion leaders in the discussions. Office for European Expertise and Communication managed to present various points of views on the topics: representatives from the government, donors and international programmes, national non-governmental organizations and business.