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Analysis of Non-profit Associations of Entrepreneurs Sector

On September 10, 2014, in Minsk took place a presentation of the analysis of the civic society sector, in which non-profit business associations of entrepreneurs operate. The analysis is prepared by independent experts commissioned by the educational organization Office for European Expertise and Communications.

«One of our work’s primary targets is strengthening the potential of Belarusian civic society, – says Office for European Expertise and Communication director Svetlana Zinkevich. – We divide civic society into subsectors, each having its own aims, targets, and demands. This analysis is fruitful for the actors from different sectors, for government and for organizations that are searching for local to consider it in their work, as for targeting priorities in sector’s development».

Preparing the document, there were surveyed business associations representatives and the entrepreneurs who are not involved in any business associations, government, and donor organizations representatives.

Presenting the report, expert Ales Serzhanovich is highlighting, that development of this civic society sector in Belarus suffers because of the little interest business has in asserting it’s prospective through the business associations, limitation these associations have in financing sources, absence of new leaders, and absence of dialogue between existing business associations and unions. Besides, marks the expert, business associations non-effectively direct their efforts on attracting new members.

In his turn, president of Belarusian Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers) Alexander Shvets is noticing that under present conditions Belarusian business associations obtain notable results, but their power is still small. «And that means, there is no demand for their work neither from business, nor from government, – he says. – Government has organized a dialogue with our associations and unions, but in praxis we have only formality».

The full text of the analysis of non-profit associations of entrepreneurs sector is here.