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Developing dialogue: the sector of gender equality in Belarus

54.5% of experts constantly use data of sectoral analysis and are willing to expand the research base of the sector. Office for European expertise and communication is delighted to present evaluation report on the influence of the analytical document «Analysis of gender equality sector of the Republic of Belarus» on the situation in the sector.

Lyudmila Bliznyuk, consultant of the International educational association «ACT», has studied how analysis affected key processes within the sector and the organizations. She also indicated topics for further study.

Setting up communication 

You can establish institution but not the communication. Try to find a synonym. 81.8% of respondents said that they were familiar the results of sectoral analysis. Another 72.2% specified that either they or their organization participated in activities where analysis of the gender sector was discussed.

However, the majority of respondents (66.7%) read the entire analysis carefully and took into consideration recommendations of the experts. The analysis’ recommendations put up the idea of making new researches on gender issues. The range of data on gender issues, however, is to be expanded. Furthermore, the respondents, using available data on gender issues, were able to give real examples and mention facts while participating at the events dedicated to the gender issues.

Using reliable data

More than half of the respondents (54.5 %) are willing to take actions based on the analysis. They consider gender sectoral analysis as reference source for preparing the documents, conducting educational events and presentations at international conferences. Besides, 40.9% of respondents conducted additional activities to discuss the analysis’ and to implement its recommendations into their work.

During the interview representatives of the sector demonstrated interest to continue promoting reliable data about the gender sector. Various talk shows, articles on gender issues in media and the entire promotion of the sector activities can attract wide audience. The participants of the pool signify the necessity of cooperation of the organizations and conducting common projects and activities to strengthen solidarity within the sector.

Respondents specified the number of the relevant topics considering the possibility of conducting further studies on gender equality.

The topics are following:

  • gender policy carried out by international organizations and foundations;
  • the effectiveness of the state gender policy;
  • women’s position in the employment sphere;
  • gender issues and science;
  • impact of family policy’ measures on the welfare of families;
  • participation of regional organizations in the promotion of gender equality;
  • gender stereotypes related to the roles of women and men.

Office for European expertise and communication appreciates mutual cooperation during making up report on impact and looks for further collaboration with organizations for gender equality.

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