What is information point?

Information point for the local communities development  is a space for exchange of best practices, tools and reliable data among experts, consultants and initiative people who work with communities on the local level.

We offer expert information, manuals, materials, discussions and consultations for people who want to expend the possibilities of work with the local community and to change positively the world around themselves.

Information point works in 4 directions:

  • consultancy
  • forum for discussion of problems, work tools and problem solution cases with the local communities
  • expert materials
  • “Friendly Neighbour”: presentations of best work practices with the local community

Who can address the information point?

Information point is opened for all people who are interested in working with the local community. We are glad to share our expertise both with newly formed initiative groups and with long-serving groups that want to improve their work.

What topic can you order a consultation on?

Information point offers consultations on a wide range of topics from promotion interests of local communities in media to evaluating and planning problem solution with the members of local communities. Full list of our consultants and their expertise areas are available here. In addition, “Office for European Expertise and Communications” also provides expert assistance and consultancy.

How can you order a consultation?

It is easy! Fill out the form on our website or contact us by phone +375 17 392-21-53


translated by Inna Los