CSO Sakavitskiya Sustrechy/March Meetings brought together 220 participants from 40 Belarusian locations. On March 4-5, in Minsk, activists participated in presentations, discussions, master-classes, Human Library, Fuck-Up Night to share their experience in working in local communities. The civil society forum is planned as an annual event.

Local activists and CSOs’ members took part in sections, discussions and panels dedicated to solving problems at the local, regional and national levels.

Sakavitskiya Sustrechy (March Meetings) were supported by The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and international non-profit organization Pact. and organised by Office for European Expertise and Communications, The New Eurasia Establishment and Organizational Committee.

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Арганізатарамі Сакавіцкіх сустрэчаў з’яўляюцца: Інфармацыйна-асветніцкая ўстанова «Новая Еўразія», Асветніцкая ўстанова «Офіс еўрапейскай экспертызы і камунікацый» і адкрыты Арганізацыйны камітэт

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