For the last three years, “Office for European Expertise and Communications” has been working in the regions and has been taking an active part in the development and support of local communities. During this time about 50 local leaders have participated in “Leadership in local communities” program and learned to identify the needs of local communities, to plan joint actions and to find the additional resources to solve problems in the community.

Working with the local leaders “Office for European Expertise and Communications” team observed that women are more involved in the identification of local issues, but but usually these issues are not solved by the local authorities.

Educational course “solving  together” is an opportunity for community leaders to expand their competence in identifying and solving local problems, taking into account the interests of women and vulnerable groups (mothers with small children, the elderly, people with disabilities, etc.) as a part of the local community. Special attention will be paid to involve stakeholders in decision-making process (local authorities and other entities in the community).

The aim of the course is to train the leaders how to use instruments and direct actions aimed at promoting the interests of women and vulnerable groups as part of the local community involving the stakeholders.


What is the local community?

Local community is a group of people living on the same territory and connected by common problems and interests. The main uniting criteria for local communities are common territory and availability of communication between the participants of the community. 1) Community yard of an apartment house; 2) block of flats; 3) community of the village; 4) community, located in one part of the city, may serve as examples of local community.


What is the program about?

During the program consisting of three 2-days sessions participants will learn to identify and solve local problems taking into account the interests of women and vulnerable groups, learn to work with media, to carry on negotiations and to advocate problems of the local community.

The program “Solving together” is implemented by educational establishment “Office for European Expertise and Communications” in partnership with the non-governmental organization «Nectarus» (Lithuania).

Translated by Veta Zhukovskaya