The final stage of the contest of social projects “Social Weekend” took place on March, 21. The jury announced the results of the contest and awarded the participants. 16 initiatives directed on the improving the world around us made their way to the finish line. The finalists were chosen with the “public voting” in the social networks and with the help of the expert team.

The education institution “Office of European Expertise and Communications” joined the Social Weekend team this year as a co-sponsor of the contest. The main goal of such participation for Office is a possibility to support social projects and to develop connection between initiative groups.

The project “Tactile books” that is aimed on creating books for children with week sight was awarded with the Grand Prix of the contest. The people’s choice award was taken by the initiative group MyoTriton which develops the model of the electromechanical arm. The projects SST “Angel” and “Arbour for reading” gained media support from the jury. The financial support and cooperation in organization was given to the volunteers’ initiatives “Homo Ludens” and “Volunteer’s school”. The programs “Science above yourself” and cultural-education platform “ZEH_Auditorium” won the nominations “Public education” and “Education event”. The special nomination “Young talents development” was given to the young musician Vladimir Handogyi. The musician is intended to spend prize money on the new instrument.


“We hope that in the future the contest will attract more and more people who want to positively change their lives and the society around, – comments Svetlana Zinkevich, the director of the “Office of European Expertise and Communications”. – The project has enormous potential for helping the social initiatives. It may provide regional initiatives with contacts with businessmen and businesswomen and experts and inspire them to find new adherents”.

“Social Weekend 5, along with past brilliant practices, realized some new experiments this time, – says the co-founder of the contest of social projects “Social Weekend” Alexander Skrabovskyi. – There are some new nominations such as”Young talents development”, and there are some new faces in the jury staff. We have introduced new nominations such as “Useful devices for the society” that were not given in full size to the finalists; however, one can easily apply for the financial aid in this nomination after the finale with filling in the application form. It is worth to mention the record sum of the financial aid to the social projects – 350 000 000 belarusian rubles. We are about to start the new Social Weekend, not later than August-September 2015. And before that we are going to make some regional contests with “Office for European Expertise and Communication”.

The photos from the contest are available on the “Office of European Expertise and Communications” page on Facebook.

To find out more, please, visit the Social Weekend web-site.