We are the youth! The focus group discussion of the preliminary results of the youth sectoral analysis was held in Minsk – OEEC
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We are the youth! The focus group discussion of the preliminary results of the youth sectoral analysis was held in Minsk

On November 17 the youth organisations and organizations targeting youth were invited to discuss the preliminary results of the analysis of the Belarusian youth sector. The sectoral analysis was made by the research team of the Centre for European Transformation (CET).

Svetlana Zinkevich, director of the“Office for European Expertise and Communication” describes the concept of the focus group.

“When we initiate a survey and compose terms of reference (ToR) for the research team we always keep in mind the idea that the data and conclusions produced by the analysis must be applicable in our everyday work. Therefore, we started the youth sector analysis by inviting key organizations to compose the ToR on behalf of the youth sector itself: What data is needed for the effective work of the youth sector? What are the youth organizations unaware about themselves? We held this focus group meeting in February before starting the research, and the today’s focus group discussion is a logical follow-up of our work with the youth sector.”

The meeting of November 17 focused on the discussion of the preliminary results obtained by the research team. The data received and initial conclusions were presented to the focus group participants. The research team asked the youth sector directly: What is missing for your effective work in future? What issues should be studied in more details? Should the recommendations be extended? As a result of the discussion the team listed possible amendments to the final text on the report on the youth sector analysis.

The fruitful discussion encouraged some organizations to cooperate with each other: in the course of the focus group discussion the organizations identified further common steps to improve communication and collaboration between them.

The preliminary data from the analysis is going to be presented at the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF), which is to be held in Kiev on November 19-21, 2015 during the discussion in the Youth sub-group of the EaP CSF WG4 “Contacts between People” and the meeting on strategic planning activities of this group in the 2015-2016.

Within the next three days the representatives of the organisations that have participated in the focus group will have the opportunity to contribute their ideas, comments and suggestions regarding to the text of the analysis report. Afterwards the report on youth sectoral analysis will be finilized. The final version of the youth sector analysis will be presented at the open public presentation in December 2015. The full and short version of the analysis (together with the executive summary in English) will be available at “Office for European Expertise and Communications” website.

translated by Anastasiya Kashuro